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音源 voice source

「水猿曲」mizuno-enkyoku ♪click here
「密教散華」mikkyo-sange ♪click here


Animation “Telling what is Shirabyoshi by Sakurako” with English subtitles.
 script: Makiko Sakurai, animation: Emiko Shimizu, Translation: Daniel Van Beers


Starting online lessons

SHOYMO online lesson click here
IMAYO and Shirabyoshi online lesson click here

Performance information

“Performance at Full moon”

Oct. 10th, Mon.
5:30pm to 6:30pm
Performers: Takseshi Lua (Uni. Kechapi, drum), Makiko Sakurai (Shirabyoshi), Akira Yoshimatsu (Noh dance and sing), Sosen Imai (follower arrangement)
Place: Kikuna Beach Resort; Kikuna Minami-Shimoura cho, Miura city, Kanagawa (15minutest by walk from Miura Kaigan station)
If you come and join the performance, Takeshi pick up to you by car at Miura kaigan station at 5pm. Please let me know when you reserve.
Reservation and information: makiko_puti@mac.com 090-6034-7716

Chinese folk song ~rich melody by each language, Chinese and Japanese~

Sun.Oct.16th 2022
Performance: 4:00pm open 4:30pm start at Soki men Shanghai
Dinner: 6pm at Ryusen next door of Soki men Shanghai
Performers: Makiko Sakurai (Shirabyoshi and Shanghai)
Place: Soki men Shanghai Yamashita-cho 218-5, Nakaku, Yokohama 6minutes from JR Ishikawacho station.
Program: 1. Shirabyoshi and Erhu 2. Chinese folk song accompany Erhu by Chinese and Japanese language. Japanese lyrics by Yutaka Takahashi
Charge:4,500yen with dinner
Information and reservation: makikoclub2022@gmail.com 090-9236-083

“Japanese song, Chinese song”

Sat. 26th Nov. 7pm open, 7:30pm start
Performers: Makiko Sakurai(vocal), Yutaka Takahashi(guitar)
Place: Mar Isshee; Sendagi century building BF1, Sendagi 3-36-11, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (2minutes from Sendaki station on Chiyoda line)
Charge: tossing coin + Bar charge¥500+1drink
Reservation and information: barisshee@keh.biglobe.ne.jp (Bar Isshee)090-6034-7716

Chitoshe no Sho (calligraphy), Song of Hitomaro
Event: Song and dance of Hitomaro

Saturday, Dec. 3rd,
Performance: 3:30 pm to 4:14pm
Social gathering until 6pm
Performer: Makiko Sakurai (Shirabyoshi)
Place: UNAC, Akasaka palace 102, Akasaka4-13-8, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Reservation and information: UNAC 03-3585-7069

polyphony of Shomyo and gregorian chant PARTⅡ ”Lament of bodhisattva・compassionate of Cyrus”

Sat. 17th Dec. 2022
2pm open  2:30pm start 
performers: Makiko Sakurai(Shomyo and Shirabyoshi), Genki Sakurai(goregorian chant)

First stage "Lament of bodhisattva"
Elegy of Jeremiah 2:1-14, 2:14
Second stage “Compassionate of Cyrus"
  Book of Jeremiah 25:10-11, 19:10
Cyrus Cylinder chapter 31-35
Kannon sutra of ten terms for prolonging life

place: Ebara hall (6minutes from Hatano-day station at Tokyo Ikegamisen or Oimachisen)
※We will let you know  the hall  adores after your reservation, because of  private hall 
reservation and information: g.sakurai.office@gmail.com

Memorial Service for Gaza People

Sun. 25th Dec.2022 2pm start (for 2 hours)
Calling over for martyrs 1,352 in year 2008, 170 in 2012 and July to December in 2022 by Israeli invasion while chanting shomyo “Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra”
Recruitment people for calling over
At: Studio Lamp
Hyakunin-cho 1-23-22, Shinjuku, Tokyo
1 minute from Okubo station on Sobu line
Pralyers(Tendai shomyo): Makiko Sakurai, Takahide Kobayasi, Masako Yoshida,Yukana Yamaguchi
calling over: Tamiko Otsuki, Yusuke Ishis, Maria Umeda, etc.,
Charge free
Information: makiko_puti@mac.com 090-6034-7716